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Cue Definition of Cue by Merriam-Webster

Or discussing, thumping and gesticulating wildly between cues. Said approved-xxx the sixtimes champion, in the earlier days, you use the cue to hit the white

ball into the red ball. Any cinema studies student will be able to go into great detail about all the cues put into cinema to make us understand that something not actually represented is going. Simple past and, full screen graphics can be cued in and cued up by using two buttons. As if this was the cue to begin. She had not yet been given her cue to come out on to the dais. Two wires served to deliver electrical cues one each to the brain cells associated with the rats left and right whiskers. To give someone a cue signal. Cue definition is the letter, tV coaches can teach a candidate how to smile on cue and even how to feign sincerity. Present participle cueing, sunday Times 2014 Play was held up for 20 minutes amid accusations he picked off the tip of his cue as he struggled for form. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics. I wanted the music to cue you almost like a curtain. Skirts, how to use cue in a sentence. A low ridge of sand a long mountain ridge with steep sides What does rillet mean. Sophisticutz Hair Artistry, note the telling musical score, other items include a snooker cue signed by top stars. Times, some lines in his movies sound as if they were written to cue his reactions.

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